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This site is all about Slots Bonuses and the best slot machine online casinos – I hope you’ll enjoy your stay. We’ve compiled a guide with the best slot bonus offers and in-depth reviews of these from over 35 casinos. The total amount of these offers exceed $50,000 in cash that you can claim by signing up to these slots sites and playing.

Feel free to take a look at various casino sites powered by MicroGaming, NetEnt, IGT, RTG and WGS Technologies that I have listed and reviewed on the right side of the site. Likewise, you can also take a look at my favorite 4 slots bonuses below:

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How to Play Slots

It is a known fact that winning on slot machines depend on luck, however it is an easily forgotten fact when you are too engrossed in a game. Slot machines work around a certain mechanism and computer chip operated winning combinations, hence there is no loophole or cheat-code to winning on a slot. But as they say, knowledge is power, and so by understanding those mechanisms and by applying a little probability ratio, you can better understand when to pull the lever and when to call it quits.

Slot Machine Mechanisms

Whether you are playing on an analog display or an electronic one, some factors have remained almost the same since its inception over a century ago. The machine displays a number of reels, in most cases three, with around 20 symbols on each one. The combinations of those symbols determine a win, depending on the prize and type of slot machine you are playing on.

Although most slot machines have switched to a play button, many still prefer the lever as it gives them the thrill of getting the reels rolling.  The electronic slot machines now use sound effects, flashing lights and sophisticated graphics to attract players. All slot machines whether analog, electronic or those online, use a computer chip better known as a random number generator that determines the line-up of the reels. So the chances of you winning do not vary based on the kind of machine that you are playing on but on the number generator.

The Payout Table and Payback Percentage

It is very important to understand these two terms when playing on the slot machines, as these will give you a better understanding of what you are playing for and what are the possible rewards being offered.

Payback Percentage

All casinos have different payback percentages, but most range from 80% to 98%. The highest payback percentages are in casinos in Vegas that pay around 90% in payback, due to the high level of competition, and on online casinos as they don’t have real estate and employee expenses.

The Payout Table

This is what you should be paying the most attention to, as this varies from machine to machine. In general there are two types of slot machines, straight and progressive. Progressive machines are linked to a number of slot machines on the same floor, casino or even to a number of casinos in the same city. These machines offer the most rewards, and thus are relatively expensive. There are a number of different types of straight slot machines too, and they all have their own reward generation methods. It is important that you read the payout table to better understand what a specific slot machine is offering and how to make the best of it, for instance, if you don’t play the highest number of coins on a Buy a Pay, you wouldn’t be able to claim the jackpot regardless of the fact that you have landed on a winning combo.

Do’s and Don’ts of Slot Machines

Although there is no way to ensure a win, but there are some ways on how you can increase your chances of winning, but most importantly how to refrain yourself from losing more than you can afford to.

1. Bet Maximum

This does not mean betting large amounts of money, but betting the highest possible amount on a specific slot machine. So rather than betting $1 on a slot machine that offers the highest bet of $5, it will be smarter to bet $1 on a machine which offers it as the highest bet.

2. Practice on Free Machines

This is the best way to understand the mechanisms of a slot machine and to get a hang of it. Most online casinos offer free slot machines so practice away and you’ll soon figure out which type of slot machine you enjoy playing the most or find most rewarding.

3. Set a Bank Roll

It is very important to set a limit on yourself prior to start playing. Set a specific limit and regardless of what the outcome, don’t overstep it.

4. Walk Away

This is the hardest thing to do on any game of chance, but it is also the smartest. Learn to walk away, whether you are winning or losing. A winner is likely to hang around a little longer to further try his luck and a loser will hang around to chase losses. Both of these are bad ideas, and the chances are, the result will not be profitable.

5. Bet on Different Lines

Rather than betting $3 dollars on three different lines, bet the same amount on six or seven different lines, as that will increase the chances of winning.

6. Comps

Most casinos offer compensations, in terms of extra hotel room amenities, gift cards, drinks, cash prizes etc. to compensate the players. Become a member of any clubs that your casino offers to make the most of these offers.